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Welcome to Look Left! The innovation labs at Matchbook Distilling Co.

At Matchbook, we are always looking to push ourselves deeper into the natural world. In undertaking that pursuit, we have built ourselves an extensive library of unique, often one of a kind, distilled spirits. In essence, it has become part library, part laboratory for the worlds most beautiful flavors - distilled into beverage form.

Here we’ll nose and taste herbs, fruits, florals, barks, roots.. from the ordinary to the extraordinary.. and all the good and weird we can drum up in between.

Us humans have extraordinary noses and pallets. We can pick up on aromas that exist in the tiniest of fractions, we’re talking parts per million, even parts per billion. Some individuals are better at deconstructing what they smell and taste, breaking them into constituent parts and calling out tasting notes. Tasting notes are generally presented as a list of other things that strongly represent particular aromas we might smell - green apple, fresh laundry, lemon, petrol.. all common tasting notes in the world of spirits, wine, coffee and beer. It just takes practice. It is, of course, to a degree subjective. Some of us are especially attuned to certain compounds because of our strong sensory memories.

The aromatic and the flavorful are all made so by a surprisingly short list of compounds that appear again, and again. That’s why a whiskey can smell of coconut, a wine can smell of gravel. The same aromatic and flavor compounds exist in both, in varying concentrations. Through life we encounter these delights and hold onto them, building a context. The more aware you are, the more you tune in, the stronger your memory becomes.

We invite you to taste the world with us, through Look Left Labs. Each month you’ll receive two different bottles.

Smell them, taste them, mix them, drink and enjoy them. Find their patterns.

It’s practice. But it’s indulgent. What a winning combination.





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