Your interest in what we’re up to is everything - it makes it possible for us to turn our passion into a job - and for our job to impact the farms we work with, the people we touch with flavor, and the groundswell for environmental recovery. So first, let me thank you for dreaming a little with us. I started Matchbook so that I could work with a passionate, driven and inspired team to coax spirits into being from the ground up; to work with farms to grow agriculture for a healthy, more flavorful and diverse natural world; and to champion creative expression over repetition.

We are closing in on 2 years of making these spirits, and day in and day out at the distillery the air is electric - its the energy of my team, the buzzing of our tools, our fermentations whirring, spirits cascading, glass demis and wooden barrels resting, absorbing it all. And its the feeling we get, when you reach out, asking when you might get to taste something we’re working on.

Every now and then, at the end of the day, when everyone has left, I’ll lay on my back on the production floor and think - what a privilege it is to be here. It’s been a huge gamble to go off on our own - to do something different in such a crowded and highly competitive space - but damn if this doesn’t feel good.

We hope to find you sipping well and in good spirits,

Til we meet again,


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