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Donut, Ginger, and Look Left Labs

Donut, Ginger, and Look Left Labs

For all of our lucky friends who received their first edition of Look Left Labs goodies, we hope you feel the surprise and whimsy that we here at Matchbook feel when our most imaginative spirits come off the still.  Perhaps you also developed a slight wonder of what quite to do with these two lovely spirits.  Of course, they are dreamy straight or with a cube, but cocktails are crowd-pleasers, so for those who love mixers this blog is for you.

“Grind” is a fun play of whiskey making while taking a bite out of waste.  We started a mash and then added a load of leftover donuts, all sorts of donuts!, from our friends Grindstone down in Sag Harbor.  Fermented, distilled, and aged—just like a whiskey.  You have the result in front of you, and its awesome.

It truly drinks like a whiskey, but with extra wonderment.  Appropriately for the cocktail we like a simple whiskey classic, the Buck.  Easy to make--all you need is some ginger, limes, a bit of honey and a blender. 


Now, “Rise” is way out Left.  It has the the flora and fruit of an Eau de Vie, creamy lactic tartness from the whey, and oh those botanicals.  Botanical spirits are great in stirred drinks, so are ones from fruit.  Here we have a crisp, straight forward martini riff with a sneaky little technique, stirring with fresh mint for an extra flavor pop.

Both are summery, the first to pep you up for the night, the second to cool down in the evening.

Donut Buck
2 ounces Grind
1.5 ounces Ginger Honey*
1 ounce Lime Juice
Soda Topper

In a cocktail shaker combine ingredient (minus soda) over two cubes of ice.  Shake until you can barely hear those cubes rattle.  Strain into a collins glass over ice and top with soda.  Throw a lime wedge on top just in case.

*Peel and cut ginger (across the grain) into 1/4" thick coins.  Add to a blender and cover with honey of choice.  Puree then strain.

Melon Bowler Musk
2 ounces of Rise
1 ounce of Cocchi Americano
3 sprigs of Mint

Pick mint and sprinkle it into a mixing glass.  Add ice and booze, then stir to your preferred dilution.  Strain into a martini glass.  Garnish with a grapefruit zest.  Smile.

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