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Make Mixing a Ritual

Make Mixing a Ritual

In hindsight it is obvious--immediately and now 3 years later our beloved Ritual Sister Smoked Pineapple Spirit was/is a hit for bartenders, mixers, at home sippers, and cocktail fans alike.  Every release has met a chorus of "how to mix it?" "here's may favorite way to use it!" "check out it our menu cocktail!!" and alas..."when are you going to make more...?"

It is simply the case that roasting, fermenting, and distilling Ritual is a study in love and toil.  It takes weeks, bodies, sweat, and care.  That said, by the time a Matchbook releases that get to a 3.0 version at Matchbook tend to settle into a more efficient, more regular, more optimized state.  That is to say, by now we have figured out how to make Ritual more efficiently, more regularly, all the while more deliciously.  Enter the fresh new look in a bigger bottle, priced to mix.

Here at Matchbook we have been talking much and with much excitement about Ritual going forward, BUT first we needed to take this new bottle for a spin and make some drinks.  Here are some cool looks and recommended sippers.  We hope you enjoy them as we do!


 If you haven't tried famed Boston Bartender Misty Kalkofen's epic MAXIMILLION AFFAIR, head immediately to a trusted cocktail bar and track one down.  A mezcal sour with bitter vermouth and elderflower, a subtle tweak and Ritual fits right in!
1 Ritual
.75 Punt E Mes
.75 Lime
.5 Elderflower Liqueur

A play on the famous rum classic the HOTEL NACIONAL
1.75 Ritual
.75 Lime
.25 Simple Syrup
.5 Apricot Liqueur
.25 Pineapple
2 dash Angostura

 Or sub out the rum in this stirred favorite EL PRESIDENTE
1.25 Ritual
1 Blanc Vermouth
.5 Dry Curacao


Obviously try it in a LAST WORD
.75 Ritual
.75 Green Chartreuse
.75 Maraschino Liqueur
.75 Lime

 With popping fruit notes and smoke, she makes a perfect BRAMBLE
1.75 Ritual
.75 Lemon
.5 Creme de Mure
Muddled blackberries


 Try subbing out the whiskies in a PENICILLIN
1.5 Ritual Sister
.5 Reposado Tequila
.75 Lemon Juice
.375 Ginger Syrup
.375 Honey Syrup

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