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Kistend Bitten, Now and Forever

Kistend Bitten, Now and Forever

Kistend Bitten is back! With some new friends and a fancy new get up. 

As promised, a new adventure is brewing out here at Matchbook.  In 2022 we are laying the foundations for small lineup of MDC staples.  We call them our Flagship, a collection of ever-ready spirits, in categories you may recognize, and of course the Matchbook way.  We've shown off Wall Flower, a blend of dunder and column rums, good for mixing or sipping. Next to her in a matching suit is Kistend Bitten 2.0.  Bolder, with even more toasty coffee notes, our Cold Brew Rum is here to stay.  Surely we will maintain our rollout of beloved one-offs and limited bottlings, yet there are more Flagship offerings to come, so keep those ears piqued and eyes queued.

If you haven’t met Kistend Bitten before, be sure to check out the original story here. This time around we not only co-fermented the molasses with cold brew coffee we made in house and dunder -- we also distilled the rum mash over whole, roasted coffee beans.

We are all in on the espresso martini these days. And Kistend provides a nice riff on this 90s classic.

The coffee from this batch came from the recently shuttered Brownsville Coffee Roasters. Tying back to the roastery’s neighborhood namesake, $5 of every bottle sold goes to Brownsville Community Culinary Center, located in the Brownsville neighborhood of Brooklyn.

The BCCC provides a space for community members to organize, celebrate and address social change. The BCCC is also home to the Diabetes Wellness Program, a community-focused health initiative focused on intervention and advocacy, in addition to other organizations working to positively impact the neighborhood.


The Espresso Martin

1.5 ounces Kistend Bitten

1 shot of fresh espresso (1-1.5 oz)

.75 ounce Ceylon Cinnamon Syrup*

.5 ounce Amargo Valet

Grated Cinnamon Garnish


*Ceylon Cinnamon Syrup

1 cup sugar

1 cup water

4 stick ceylon (soft) cinnamon


In a saucepan combine water and cinnamon and bring to a boil.  Add sugar and remove from heat, stir.  Allow to cool to room temp, then strain.

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