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A Grab Bag of Flavor

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It's a Grab Bag!
- Typically 40% ABV
- Mostly single botanical distillates distilled in Matchbook made neutral spirit 
- May not be vegan / vegetarian 


Visit our blog Days Like These to cruise through the archives of Look Left Labs bottles and recipes


We experience the world through our senses and at Matchbook, we spend a lot of time with our senses. We devote significant time and effort to getting to know the flowers and fruits and plants and roots in our hands.  Plants and flowers and all the life in the natural world share chemical compounds that express identifiable characteristics. To study a single ingredient can help us experience the world with just a bit more clarity - enabling us to pick up that scent or that flavor elsewhere in the world.

At Matchbook we have an ever changing library of single botanical distillates — made by distilling a single ingredient into our house made neutral spirit. And a collection of other eau de vies and non conforming spirits that help us examine the worlds aromas and flavors.

Two years ago we started Look Left Labs, where we send subscribers 2 of these distillates per month. Subscribers can cancel or pause at anytime, which has left us with a great collection of assorted flasks. For this months second drop, we’re cleaning house!

We’ll send you as many flasks as you like - but you won’t know what you’re getting until they’re in your hands. Could be a coffee mucilage distillate, a fresh Meyer lemon distillate, Persian limes or jasmine flowers or orris root. Whatever it is, spend some time with it. Smell it, sip it, mix it, read about it. Think about what it reminds you of, where you’ve smelled it before. Get to know this ingredient and in doing so, enhance your nose and pallet so they you can smell jasmine in the air, taste lychee in your wine, or discover the texture of protein in spirits.   Just in time for Spring / Summer where the worlds smells are at their peak.

Visit our blog In The Jar to find an archive of Look Left Labs distillates and recipes for mixing them. 
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