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An Elsewhere Made from Summer

An Elsewhere Made from Summer

Nothing can show you more about the fresh ripeness of summer out east than some simple photos of the beautiful produce are privileged to work with here in Greenport.  For our special August limited Elsewhere we picked up some rhubarb from Briermere Farms, brought it to a boil, cooled it down and added some rum that was co-fermented with rhubarb juice.  Then we let the whole thing macerate. 

When the season came we picked up some strawberries (also from Briermere) and repeated the process, this time with buddhas hand and jasmine spirits.  After combining the two we added quassia and some lovely Macedonian juniper.

Every once in a while we have to stop and take note of how lucky we are to work with such great produce and such great farms.  Hands stained after cutting strawberries is one of those whiles.


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