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Look Left Life Gets Citrusy

Look Left Life Gets Citrusy

Citrus reveals one of produce's greatest ironies. That the brightness, the fresh aromatics, palate cleansing zip of these seasonal fruits are at their best in the dead of winter. As if the calendar conspires to give us heirloom-lovers a short respite from the wind and snow within a sip.

Alas, it's peak summer now, and plowed roads are a memory half between gone and long yet to come. Meanwhile, long kept projects allow us here at Matchbook to present another truism of citrus, it's delight to play in the heat of summer. Limes yearn a beach frolic with tropical rums, lemon oil buzzes at the chance to fizz with honey and herbs.

This month a treat! For you Look Left Labs friends we set aside some absolute citrus favorites. Buddha's Hand and Bergamot--short lived, hard to find, and improbably unique. Indeed they are a true gift with which to mix. Appropriately, we are offering you all some apt cocktails to explore.

Buddha's Hand is an curious assemblage of soft citrus rind in an otherworldly silhouette. Fortune, offers intense citrus aromas, so nearly familiar, soft and subtle. For this we point to the pre-prohibition Alaska Cocktail. A cousin to the martini, the Alaska brings a touch herbal mystery via Yellow Chartreuse, leaving the rest of the story to draw along the long notes of the Budda's Hand. Stirred to a freeze, this is a late summer bracer.

Now, Eternal is special. So it goes, most people simply don't get to taste much Bergamot beyond, let's say, Earl Grey Tea. The fruit looks like an awkward lime, spotty and wonky. With garden aromatics and an intense geranium bitter, Eternal is lively enough stand out in a zesty summer fizz.

2.25 ounces of Fortune
.5 ounce of Chartreuse Yellow
2 dashes of Orange Bitters

In a mixing glass, combine ingredients and ice.  Stir until rippin' cold.  Strain into a chilled Nick & Nora glass.  Garnish with a tiny lemon peel.  Smile.

Sunset Under Pressure (two portions)
4 ounces of Eternal
1.5 ounces of Lemon juice
1.5 ounces of Honey Syrup*
2 ounces of water
2 Sage Sprigs
1 Pinch Paprika

In an ISI canister, combine paprika, sage and liquids and refrigerate. After 1-2 hours (when nice and cold) charge the canister with CO2 and leave in the fridge until use.  As for carbonation, if you want it really fizzy leave over night!

In a collins glass over ice, gentle & slowly dispense the cocktail.  Garnish with sage and paprika.

*Combine 1 cup raw honey and 1/2 cup water.  Stir until incorporated.  If you have trouble with the honey, try resting the sealed bottle in a warm water bath for 20 minutes before mixing.


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