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Finally, a Truly New York Sour!

Finally, a Truly New York Sour!

We are lucky here at Matchbook, a common refrain of course.  But this time, perhaps, we can credit ourselves just a little for making our own.  It's uncommon to make wine and whiskey in the same little house.  Locations often don't permit--grapes don't fare well in Kentucky's Bourbon belt, nor in the frigid coasts of Scotland.  But with luck we set up shop out east in wine country, in New York a stones through from upstate grain farmers.  Our home affords us to make both, stay local, and follow through on Matchbook commitments to regenerative practice.  Our home is Out East, New York.

Since we are waxing cocktails today, there is no more convenient showcase of the natural duality than the New York Sour.  Thought to have turned about in the 1880's, and in Chicago no less, the cocktail bounced around bearing different names (Southern Sour, Continental Sour) until it nestled in to it's current moniker, likely based on it's eventual popularity in Manhattan.

Made a handful of ways, our New York Sour is a light fluffy traditional sour, up with a float of bright red wine.  The winter warm whiskey notes lend a caramel to bounce off the bright winter lemons, and the wine just enough fruit and tannin to pop.

One fact about Matchbook is that we don't grow lemons, nor do our neighbors grow cane. But! we do have our lovely Garden Party made from organic North Fork grapes, our neighbors farm eggs, and we make a Bourbon & a Rye for your choice.  It's likely a good thing that weather still disallows cane farming on Long Island, and maybe going forward we can grow a meyer tree in the Lin Ball Room.  Otherwise, this may be the closest to, if not the most NEW YORK Sour.  New York wine, New York Whiskey, East End eggs, North Fork love.

New York Sour

2 ounces of Metamodernity Bourbon or Rye

3/4 ounce of Fresh Lemon Juice

3/4 ounce of simple syrup

White of 1 egg

Combine into a shaker tin over two large cubes of ice.  Shake for a long long time.  And then shake until you can no longer hear the ice rattle.  Fine strain into a coupe or over ice.  Top with Garden Party. Smile.


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