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A Citrus Sec can Hold it's Own

A Citrus Sec can Hold it's Own

This week on the Drop Shop we bring you a Yuzu Sec.  Wildly aromatic and untameable, this sought after and far flung beaut can hold up to mezcal smoke and brandy spice alight.  But for this release we offer a simpler mix, a Prohibition Era classic, a contemporary barkeeper favorite, the Bee's Knees.

Created by Frank Meier, the famed head of the Ritz Bar in Paris, the Bee's Knees is a fluffy mix of lemon, gin, and honey.  Clean and floral with a clean botanical kick, this is a crusher.

But try swapping out that gin with Yuzu Sec, bumping down the honey a bit, and you are for a ride!

2oz Primates: Wanderlust ≠ Lost Wandering: Yuzu Sec

.75oz Fresh Lemon Juice

.5 Honey Syrup*

Combine ingredients in a cocktail shaker over ice.  Shake for a good long time, or until you hand freezes to the shaker.  Fine strain into a chilled Coupe glass. Smile.

*Combine 2 parts clover honey to 1 part water.  Stir.


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