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Oh My! Eau de Vie!!

Oh My! Eau de Vie!!

Look Left Friends!

With this September release we took the coveted opportunity to send you tipplers some sips of Eau de Vie!  For those who love fruits (and roots) and spirits thereof this month's bottles are for you.  For those not yet familiar, get ready for freshness enshrined in spirit.  One spirit of Carrot + Apple and another of Pineapple, Royal // Eye Witness deliver aromatics of a farmers market and finish that caries on for hours (well maybe not that long).

Eye Witness, co-fermented and then distilled local carrots and apples, gives an astounding bouquet of both, a garden earthy palette, and a clean orchard finish. 

With Royal, we have a perfect essential expression of pineapple--fresh juice on the nose, with an uplifting end.

With such earnest and expressive spirits this month it makes sense to offer simple mixing ideas that do just enough to accentuate.

For Royal, a no-brainer, just add coconut water.  Even more, how about step it up and find a fresh young coconut!  Expect the two tropical flavors to deliver as they have together for eons.

For Eye-Witness, a simple stirred riff--a spiced and bright aperitivo added to the spirit with bitters.  Step it up again and stir it over a large hunk of ice!

We take special pride in our fruit spirits here at Matchbook.  There is nothing quite like the anticipating and then tasting the first drops of pure fruit spirit to drip from the still.

It is surely the case that, on occasion, that a spirit here or there needs to be fancied up a bit to make them shine true.  Not this week--these sippers are the perfect light touch add-ons to cure your curiosities.



You See What I Did There?

4 oz Fresh Coconut Water

2 oz Royal

a Lime Wedge (to put in the coconut)

Combine over ice in a tall glass.  Alternatively, start with a young coconut, remove the coconut water and add ice, add back 4oz of the water, and spirit.  Double it up to share with a friend.


That Party Crayola

2 oz Eye-Witness

1 oz Cardamaro

1 dash of Angostura Bitters

Combine in a rocks glass over ice.  Gently stir.   Smile!



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