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Solé Solé Mio Mio

Solé Solé Mio Mio

Since our near inception here at Matchbook we have been smitten by Koji—a mold used throughout East Asia in culinary and beverages traditions.  This age old microbe is a catalyst in soy sauce, miso, mirin, sake, shochu and the like.  Here Out East we use koji to process starches in rice, squash, potatoes, and grains because it's simply a fascinating favorite.

Year after year our Solé Mio line features nexus of two loves, the singular curious Koji and the local fall bounty from our farm neighbors.  There is so much to those stories—you can out more here and here.

Our first Solé Mio, made from California Kokuho Rose rice, Treiber Farms butternut squash, and organic wheat from Oeschner Farms, was scarce and popular.  And then soon gone forever…or so we thought!  Turns out we had a couple bottles snuck away and we thought nothing better than to share them with out Look Lefters alongside no. II, a shōchū-esque spirit of cheese pumpkin, puffed millet, kamut, and amaranth.

This month’s Look Left Labs offers Solé Mio I & II together at last, a lovely duo.  With the proof brought down a smidge to 36% to bring out more aromatics, they’re a pair of inspired sippers or nuanced mixers.  

For Solé Mio I, we are showing off a mix of local peach, bitters and touch of sugar.  An old fashioned of sorts that highlights the perfect fleeting space between summer and fall.

For Solé Mio II a house favorite, a blend of aperitif and amaro with the bold and earthy pumpkin.

Mio Mio
1.5 ounces Solé Mio II
.75 ounces of Cocchi Americano
.25 ounces of Cynar

Over ice, combine ingredients and stir. Make sure you nail that long long orange peel.

Solé Solé
2 once Solé Mio I
.25 ounce Peach Oleo*
1 dash of angostura bitters

Over ice, combine ingredients and stir. Herby garnish of choice.

    * peach slices, 200g (more or less 1 peach)
    * white sugar, 200g
    * marjoram or your favorite herb, 3 sprigs
    * water, 200ml
    * Combine peach, herbs and sugar in a jar.  Toss and leave in the fridge for 2-3 days.
    * Add water  
    * Stir to dissolve and strain
    * Bottle and store chilled

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