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Timeless Orchard Spirits, Prosperous Times

Timeless Orchard Spirits, Prosperous Times

Orchard spirits are an exercise in time.  The long wait through harvest, the rush to ferment and distill.  And then, preposterously, an extended resting, relaxing period for the spirit itself.  Distillates of cherry, peach, even citrus, need a little extra attention and time to shed some of the more excitable notes.  Truly fascinating to have, for instance, a tart cherry eau de vie come off the still as one thing, then after settling simply in glass for a year or so grow into something completely new.  Orchard spirits work at their own pace, and in their time we trust.

For those Look Lefters that have been following for a while, this is not the first fruit brandy you've sipped.  We've sent out eau de vies of pineapple and carrot, brandies of peated apple and smoked grape.  Appropriately, as local blossoms unfurl, we have Cherry and Pear.

Prosperous eau de vie of pear, made from two year aged upstate Seckel Pear cider, distilled through both pot and column, then rested on whole fresh Forelle Pears. 


Festivities cherry brandy, wild fermented cherry juice from Bittner Farm in the Finger Lakes, distilled and rested in glass for over a year.

Prosperous is bright floral orchard notes, buttressed with round ripe fruit.  Festivities, pure cherry essence, fresh and juicy, a true eau de vie.

For the former we are sitting sipping, in high spring, looking back.  With late notes of winter, a simple sour with cinnamon and lime.  The strong orchard notes hold true in compliment with the spice.

For the latter we look forward.  Spring daytimes already tempt shorts and sunnies, building room for summer thoughts of pink cheeks and beaches.  For this a simple floral cooler of cherry, yuzu, and aperitif.

Prosperous Pastime

2 oz Prosperous

3/4 oz Lime Juice

3/4 oz Cinnamon Syrup*

2 dashes of Angostura Bitters

In a cocktail shaker, combine ingredients over ice.  Strain into a favorite stemmed glass.  Smile.

*In a saucepan add 3 cinnamon sticks to a cup of water.  Bring to a boil and add 1 cup of sugar.  Stir to dissolve.  Let cool and strain.


Forward! Festivities!

1 oz Festivities

1/2 oz Yuzu Sec

1/2 oz Cocchi Americano

Tonic topper

Build over ice in a rocks glass.


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