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Why Not Mix Them?

Why Not Mix Them?

It's first of the month again so of course, our dear Look Lefters, your mailboxes should be teeming with yet unknown goods.  Here at Matchbook we like to keep up with the seasons, and what says December more than cinnamon and chocolate?  Perhaps, nipped noses, smiles, and laughter, but none of those will fit in our smallest still.

Both spirits, Spiced and Necessity, are botanicals from the library.  One raw chocolate and the other Indonesian Cinnamon.  Neither get out too much to play.  This is quite a December treat.

Almost as seasonal as Spiced Necessity are the myriad spiced takes on a Chocolate Martini.  Keeping with the season, here is ours.  A pinky out, sophisticated, stirred (yes stirred!) riff, with Amaro (yes Amaro!).  And finally, for a Look Left first, combining both spirits (both!).  It all makes simply too much sense.


A Sensible Chocolate Martini

1.25 ounces Spiced

.75 ounce Necessity

1 ounce Cardamaro 

Combine ingredients over cracked ice in a mixing glass.  Stir to preferred dilution. Serve in a chilled Martini glass near a charred cinnamon stick.


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